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I hate data mining and I hate ads, and I know you do, too.

Monetizing this website with ads after announcing my disdain for targeted advertising is a hypocritical decision, but not an easy one. I don’t want to subject my readers to these nuisances that encourage excess spending and crash browsers.

I am temporarily enabling ads on this blog until I earn a return on my investment. If and when the blog begins to turn a profit, I vow to remove ads one-by-one until I can fully operate without them.

Currently, you can help me work towards eliminating ads by purchasing promoted products through my marked *affiliate links, or making donations via PayPal.

I strive to maintain this website through genuine, affordable promotions, merchandise, and content.

If you have relevant Society6 designs or blogs that promote interests similar to those expressed on MML, feel free to send them my way so I can share them. Let’s create a community of independent artists who promote and support each other.

Plans for additional paid content, e-commerce, and other promotions are in the works, so please check back soon! 🙂